Upcoming anime

Utawarerumono: Tusukuru-koujo no Karei Naru Hibi

Genres: Action Anime, Drama Anime, Fantasy Anime, OVA Anime

Date aired: Apr 26, 2018


Included with the premium collection release of the PS4 remake of Utawarerumono: Chiriyukumono e no Komoriuta. The anime will tell the story of Kuon's childhood days.

Shokugeki no Souma S3 Part II OVA

Genres: Drama Anime, Shounen Anime, OVA Anime

Date aired: May 2, 2018


Bundled with the 29th volume of the Shokugeki no Souma manga. It tells the story of what happened to Erina after she ran away from her father.

Pop Team Epic Kinen

Genres: Comedy Anime, Dementia Anime, ONA Anime, Parody Anime

Date aired: Jun 13, 2018


This is a 2:15 (4:30 including the rerun) short created to promote the Japan Racing Association’s Umabi service. The short is available at https://umabi.jp/poputepi-kinen/movie/. The short is interactive originally, insofar as you can create your own character who will then appear in the audience at given points in the short. This video uses the default character provided.

Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara Special (Sub)

Genres: ONA Anime, Comedy Anime, Romance Anime, Slice Of Life Anime

Date aired: Oct 6, 2018


The Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara talk event at the Machi★Asobi vol. 20 event announced that the short series will receive a 14th episode.

Nobunaga no Shinobi: Anegawa Ishiyama-hen

Genres: Comedy Anime, Historical Anime

Date aired: 2018


It depicts the history-making Battle of Anegawa, in which Oda Nobunaga and Tokugawa Ieyasu's forces fought Azai and Asakura's forces.

Masamune-kun no Revenge OVA (Sub)

Genres: Harem Anime, Comedy Anime, Romance Anime, School Anime, Shounen Anime, OVA Anime

Date aired: Jul 27, 2018


Bundled with the limited edition 10th volume of the Masamune-kun no Revenge manga.

Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai (Dub)

Genres: Drama Anime

Date aired: Sep 1, 2018


Spring time in April and the last of the cherry blossoms are still in bloom. The usually aloof bookworm with no interest in others comes across a book in a hospital waiting room. Handwritten on the cover are the words: "Living with Dying." He soon discovers that it is a diary kept by his very popular and genuinely cheerful classmate, Sakura Yamauchi, who reveals to him that she is secretly suffering from a pancreatic illness and only has a limited time left. It is at this moment that she gains just one more person to share her secret.

Trying to maintain a normal life as much as possible, Sakura is determined to live her life to the fullest until the very last day. As her free spirit and unpredictable actions throw him for a loop, his heart begins to gradually change.

Kekkai Sensen & Beyond OVA (Sub)

Genres: Action Anime, Comedy Anime, Super Power Anime, Supernatural Anime, Vampire Anime, Fantasy Anime, Shounen Anime

Date aired: Jul 4, 2018


Bundled with the 5th volume of the Kekkai Sensen: Back 2 Back manga.

Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san OVA

Genres: Slice Of Life Anime, Comedy Anime, Romance Anime, School Anime, Shounen Anime, OVA Anime

Date aired: Jul 12, 2018


Special episode bundled with the 9th volume of the manga.

JoJo`s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

Genres: Action Anime, Adventure Anime, Comedy Anime, Drama Anime, Shounen Anime, Supernatural Anime

Date aired: Oct, 2018


The original manga continues the story from the previous entries in Araki's JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga, when Jotaro asks Koichi to travel to Naples to investigate a person known as Haruno Shiobana, whose real name is later revealed as Giorno Giovanna. The story then follows Giorno in his goal to rise to the top of the Passione mafia group and turn it into a band of honorable thieves.

Hakyuu Houshin Engi Recap (Sub)

Genres: Special Anime, Adventure Anime, Demons Anime, Supernatural Anime, Fantasy Anime, Shounen Anime

Date aired: Apr 27, 2018


Recap episode of Hakyuu Houshin Engi.

Hakumei to Mikochi Special

Genres: Slice Of Life Anime, Fantasy Anime, Seinen Anime

Date aired: Jun 27, 2018


Special episode included in the second Blu-ray/DVD volume.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly (Sub)

Genres: Action Anime, Adventure Anime, Comedy Anime, Fantasy Anime, Martial Arts Anime, Shounen Anime, Super Power Anime

Date aired: Dec 14, 2018


The theme for this remarkable new film will be "Saiyan", the strongest race in the universe. Since "Battle of the Gods", Gokuu has undergone new forms from Super Saiyan God to Super Saiyan Blue to other evolved forms that have gone up against many invincible warriors from multiple universes. This new story will focus on the origin of the Saiyans' strength and what it means to be Saiyan.

Crystal Sky of Yesterday (Sub)

Genres: Drama Anime, Romance Anime, School Anime, Slice Of Life Anime

Date aired: Oct 26, 2018


In the late 90's, in China, Tu Xiaoyi, an high school student, takes no interest in marks and prefers to play video games with his friend nicknamed "Peanut." One day, he was chosen by his teacher to become the class representative with Yao Zhetian, a very cute girl. He will experience his first love and disappointments.

Chichibu de Buchichi

Genres: ONA Anime, Slice Of Life Anime

Date aired: Mar, 2018


Kaoruko is set to meet a marriage partner... but there's a person she can't forget. Someone she met in Chichibu when she was a girl. A young boy whose name she doesn't even know. Treasured memories of walking with him through Chichibu Shrine. Taking in the carpets of pink flowers at Hitsujiyama Park, the mountain stream at Nagatoro, the sea of clouds from Mitsumine Shrine. These are priceless moments she yearns to relive. Maybe... just maybe... if she heads to Chichibu she might see him again. Clinging to her faint hope and distant memories, Kaoruko resolves to find out.

Boku no Kanojo ga Majimesugiru Sho-bitch na Ken OVA

Genres: OVA Anime, Comedy Anime, Ecchi Anime, Romance Anime, School Anime

Date aired: Mar 26, 2018


Bundled with the limited edition sixth manga volume.

Aru Zombie Shoujo no Sainan (ONA) (Sub)

Genres: Action Anime, Horror Anime, Supernatural Anime, ONA Anime

Date aired: Jul 4, 2018


Calamity of the Zombie Girl (Japanese: あるゾンビ少女の災難 Hepburn: Aru Zonbi Shōjo no Sainan) is a Japanese light novel series written by Ryō Ikehata and illustrated by Hagane Tsurugi. An original net animation by studios Gonzo and Stingray.

Age of Gunslingers S2

Genres: Action Anime, Sci-Fi Anime

Date aired: 2018